Brochure Design Manchester

At Octopus Ink Creative, we are experts in brochure design manchester. We believe that though we are growing into a digital age; brochures are still one of the most effective ways of marketing. Brochures have several advantages over the recent digital forms of marketing. They are tactile, and can be kept and stored by people for future reference.
The impact that print materials can make should not be forgotten. With a professional brochure design, your customers will have something that features your brand name to hold in their hands. This can’t be achieved with a website or social media presence alone. Giving them something they can keep and use will serve as a reminder of your business and the outstanding service you provide.

Our skilled design team at octopus Ink Creative Manchester have worked on a wide range of brochure design projects. Such as: business service brochures, prospectuses, annual reports, and more.

What makes our brochure design a success for your business?

Bespoke Designs

We don’t believe in the philosophy of ‘One Size – fits all’. Our brochure designing isn’t at all about copy pasting your text and images on to a template. We’ll rather create a design, as unique as your company and specific to your needs.

Our Thorough Approach

Our team work hard on your brochure, and ensure that the end product delivers the results that you expected. We discuss with you thoroughly, the results that you are trying to achieve. We discuss the kind of content you want to put up on the brochure, and the audience you want to target. You can either provide us the content all ready to go on the brochure, or if you haven’t yet prepared it, we also provide a highly effective copyrighting service which would magically transform your content and make your brochure more convincing to the user.
We follow the below approach to assure a powerful and impressive brochure:
• We brief you through different size options to find out what works best for you.
• A mock-up is created with the proper design and layout.
• We work with you to source strong images that speak volumes. They can be either professional images from our stock library, or our photographer can come down to you to capture a variety of shots, giving your brochure a more personal feel.
• We dive in and create the first draft of your brochure design, and present this to you for your feedback.
• We keep on developing and re-developing it, keeping you in the loop; until the design looks exactly how you want it to.
• We give the final finishing touches and discuss the paper stock options to show you how the brochure renders on paper.

First impressions are everything. As we go about our daily business, meeting potential clients, suppliers and partners, leaving something tangible, tactile and intriguing is a fabulous way to communicate our brand proposition and ensure it sticks firmly in peoples minds.

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