Brochure Designer – 5 Key Elements To Success

You wisely invested in a brochure designer. Soon, you participate in conventions and tradeshows. You proudly hand out your beautifully designed brochures to dozens of potential clients. After the events, you eagerly anticipate phones ringing and emails pinging. But for days, all you hear are crickets…

So, what went wrong?

The Beauty of Brochure Design

Despite the rise of digital marketing, corporate brochures are still highly relevant and valuable. They are portable, easy to read, and great props for face-to-face encounters. More importantly, they help you to cost-effectively target specific clients offline. In short, they complement every marketing effort done online.

Sadly, some brochures are not delivering the desired results. Hence, we are revealing five key elements you can optimise so that your investment in brochure design in Manchester will bring you more business.

The 5 Key Elements of an Effective Brochure…

Brochure Design in Manchester

  1. 1. Golden Goal

Focus on only one goal for your brochure design. Nothing more. If you target too many goals, you often end up being mediocre at achieving them. Clearly defining your goal also helps you easily track and evaluate the performance of this marketing collateral because you will know what specific outcome to measure.

Some examples of specific goals include:

  • – Increasing bookings for consultations
  • – Generating more online traffic to your website
  • – Improving the rate of walk-ins to your store in the next month

Whatever your goal is, make sure that the copy and design are all geared toward that specific goal, which leads us to the next couple of elements.

  1. 2. Captivating Copy

Firstly, what is a copy?

Copywriting is written content conveyed through online media and print materials. A copy is a content used for the purpose of advertising or marketing to raise brand awareness or persuade a person.

Captivating copy turns curious readers into paying customers. To accomplish that, first, you must have a killer title headline. Then the copy should probe into the needs of customers and position your company as the best solution. It must answer all the questions and objections within the reader’s mind through straight information, storytelling and testimonials.

People make emotional decisions first, then rationalise later. So make sure the text evoke emotions that impel readers to do business with you. That means it has to connect with readers, make them want your solution, and allow them to embrace your brand. Therefore, make sure you have a great copywriter on your team. If not, don’t fret! Octopus Ink Creative provide a skilful copywriting service. Contact us to find out more.

  1. 3. Dauntless Design

Before copy is read by a potential client, the brochure design has already spoken a thousand words. And it should communicate commitment, trust and credibility among others. Therefore, make your brochures remarkable in every way possible. Forget boring templates. And God forbid that you use Office clip art!

Be bold. Unleash your creative spirit. Explore unconventional yet functional formats. Use unique artwork, and explore distinctive paper stock options and finishes.

  1. 4. Clear Call-to-Action

After sharing valuable information in their brochures, many companies fall short on highlighting the specific action they want their readers to take. Readers end up clueless. They don’t know what next steps to take as companies hope that people just naturally “get it.” Don’t leave that to chance. Specify what their immediate response should be. Highlight a specific call-to-action so that you achieve your goal.

How? By highlighting a clearly defined and enticing call-to-action with an irresistible reward. You can invite them to call a phone number to schedule a free consultation, sign up for early bird discounts online, or try sample products in stores. Whatever that may be, be sure to make it specific with an offer they cannot resist.

  1. 5. Sense of Urgency

A delayed sale most likely becomes a lost sale. That’s especially true for potential customers who have not yet become loyal clients. So you must creatively encourage them to act immediately so they cannot procrastinate and forget you. This will also help people who are always on the fence and undecided.

Create a sense of urgency. Disclose that the free consultation, discounts or freebies are only available for a certain period of time or for the first few customers. This helps people decide swiftly. And stick to it. It preserves your credibility. The pain of loss is usually a stronger motivation than the pleasure of gain.

Your Brochure Design

A brochure design in Manchester is no ordinary investment. It is a valuable tool. It helps you achieve your goal. And now that you know what elements to optimise, you are ready to create corporate brochures that deliver results.

With all the digital distractions nowadays, people’s attention span are shorter than ever. Sometimes, you only have a fraction of a second to impress them. So make it count. Give them a stunning brochure design that they are happy to keep and share with others. Create one with Octopus Ink today.

If you have any questions or need any help in uniquely designing a brochure, writing captivating copy, and crafting an irresistible call-to-action that attracts and wins clients, contact us to book a free consultation right away.