Check Out This Beautiful Octopus Drawing!

This week we stumbled across a stunning piece of art from illustrator and artist; Kenal Louis, from Omaha, Nebraska. We was taken back by the creativity and detail in Kenal’s drawing titled “The Royal Octopus”. Upon looking further into Kenal’s work, there is a lot of meaning behind the piece of art, which is extremely interesting to read. We loved this illustration so much that we wanted to share it with you, and now we have a print on its way to our office!

Continue reading below to to learn about the thought process and the symbolism creatively implied in the drawing’s composition.

royal octopusroyal octopus 2Kenal says “Since I was 4 years old I’ve been creating art. It all started with drawing and creating sketches. Eventually drawing led me to paint, produce digital art and even working full-time as a graphic designer for a very established sculptor. Although I had been drawing since I was that young, I never once drew a picture of an octopus. I wanted the line drawing of the octopus to represent the creatures many symbolic meanings”.

Look carefully into the drawing to locate the symbolism explained below:

  • The Anchor – This represents foundation
  • Chinese Character Symbols – To represent strength and intellect
  • The Key – This represents the power to unlock certain things. Physically the key allows us to be able to unlock a door. Intelligence is also something needed in order to open a door.

The drawing was created using pen and was inspired by the Octopuses symbolism and nature; “Will. Magic. Unity. Evolution. Time. Regeneration. Potential. Intelligence. Unpredictability. Knowing. Creativity. Flexibility. Adaptable. Reason”.

The above characteristics are also what inspired Octopus Ink Creative’s logo design, as it reflects our business ethos.

Make sure to check out Kenals website for more information about The Royal Octopus and view his other work. You can also purchase prints, t-shirts and home decor from Kenal’s online shop here.