Graphic Design Agency Manchester

Octopus Ink Creative is a Creative Design Agency in Manchester.

We are graphic designers, brand strategists and content creators. We do not just develop brands, we will partner and grow with your brand. At Octopus Ink, we believe in locally made product, start-ups and founders with a true passion for what they do.

As an experienced creative design team in Manchester, we believe in inspiring our customers as much as they inspire us. We make your brand improve as well as make it shine.

We are committed to creating positive change. As a passionate, creatively driven team, we believe in creating work that produces results. We are comprised of brand strategists, designers, and copyrighters, and we strive on working with our customers to improve their brand value.

We offer highly impact message and campaign that inspire, engage and entertain. Octopus Ink Creative does more than changing appearances. Using our sixth sense designers’ instinct, we also drive action and results. This allows our ideas to live longer.

We strive to discover new ways to establish our clients as innovators in their space. Our customers turn to us to blend their strategies as well as their personality into creative solutions that drive massive results and turn heads.

We look after our clients

Here at Octopus Ink Creative, we pride ourselves on our trusted collaborative relationships, with a proven track record of long standing clients. We work with brands across the growth chart to identify their needs for long-term success. We strategically design solutions that will engage new and existing customers by examining their daily lifestyles and who influences the targeted audience.

Octopus Ink Creative offers vision and strategies across a multitude of services; from graphic design & branding to marketing, printing & promotional products. Our favourite work is usually our latest, because we tend to work with our customers to create something new, fresh and fun. We enjoy working with clients. Our Logo design team in Manchester has built its reputation on designing high quality, branding solutions in different industries and different formats.

Our creative logo team has successfully branded hundreds of companies in Manchester, some of which come from sectors like health and fitness, technology, food and beverage, financial, transportation, charities and almost everything else. Each service has evolved from our planning process; Implementation and establishment of consistent design standards at all points of contact. Over the years we have learned that the secret of our success is our unique ability to network pure artistic skills with the ability to solve business branding problems. This is the marriage of these two skills that really defines the Octopus Ink creative edge. We love creating work that is innovative, stands out, and has the WOW factor.

As a complete graphic design agency in Manchester, you will find our team to be very passionate, professional and talented. We provide clear and concise communications in any project, large or small. We will be happy to review your business to see how we can take it to the next level.