Recent Projects: Logo Design

Logo design: Our most recent logo design project is creating a brand for Fylst Premium Dog Food.

A bit about the brand: Fylst products for dogs, is as the name suggest, helping and aiding rescue dogs. By buying a Fylst product part of what you pay goes to fund needy rescue dogs. Each time you feed your dog with Fylst premium dog food another dog in need will receive its dinner.

The logo design needed to be emotional to convey the strong relationship between dogs and their owners, it needed to convey love, care, help, and aid. We used the colours blue and green, the earthy colours portray the food being ‘green’ and high in nutrition.

Here are two of the final 7 logo concepts created. The first¬†uses an outline of the dog and heart, this concept is very ‘stylised’ and eye-catching, and the dog outline fits well next to the typeface.

The second concept uses the negative space inside the sitting dog to show a heart shape and the dogs posture is positive, looking up for his food!!

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screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-16-43-31 Logo Design Manchester